The New York Times today released a political app ahead of next year’s U.S. presidential election. The NYTimes Election 2012 app includes Op-Eds, editorials, and blogs from the venerable publication. Unfortunately, the only way to get full political coverage with the app is to purchase a subscription.

The NYTimes Election 2012 app for the iPhone/iPod touch includes the top six political stories of the today. Stories you enjoy can be easily shared with others using SMS, Twitter, Facebook or email. Sadly, this is where the freebies end. + Smartphone Apps ($14.99/month) and All Digital Access subscribers ($34.99/month) receive the bulk of what the NYTimes Election 2012 app has to offer. This includes the latest developments from the campaign trail including the latest poll numbers, candidate information, and state-by-state updates. In addition, subscribers gain admission to The Caucus Blog and FiveThirtyEight and content from The Times’ Opinion Pages.

Finally, the app includes videos and slide shows and also live election results for next year’s primaries, caucuses, and general election.

NYTimes Election 2012 App

For those looking for free election coverage, keep looking because the NYTimes Election 2012 app isn’t for you. However, current Times subscribers should give it a try. The “free” app is available now in the App Store.