Even diehard Apple fans know that much of the business world revolves around Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For those whose work is done in these applications there has not really been a way to utilize them on the iPad, until now.


OnLive Desktop is a new service being launched on Thursday. It offers secure cloud storage of your Microsoft documents so they are accessible via the OnLive app. However, OnLive is boasting a lot more than storage, with their service you can also access a virtual Windows desktop preloaded with Word, Excel and Powerpoint. All the apps are gesture friendly and fully functional so editing or creating new documents is easy.


Storage is 2GB with a free account and 50GB with the paid plan, which is expected to run about $9.99 per month. In addition to the 50GB storage space, the paid plan offers accelerated browsing, priority access, and additional PC apps to name just a few enhancements.


Does this intrigue you? It does us, and we are eager to try it out this Thursday!