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Lol-a-Coaster (Free) by Stuart Alexander & Co. Pty Ltd is a fast-paced auto run roller coaster game for the iPad or iPhone/iPod touch from the makers of the lollipop candy Chupa Chups. Design a custom coaster by unlocking different cars to ride your way around the world.

Lol-a-Coaster by Stuart Alexander & Co. Pty Ltd screenshot

The game starts off with two unlocked cars, The Chupa Car and Blue Steel. By collecting enough lollipops in the game or selecting a certain combination of cars, players can unlock additional Sweet Rides. Hints as to which combinations will work can be found at Chupa Chup’s website,

Once the coaster is designed, the game begins. The cars will run automatically and players must grab as many Chupa Chups as possible while avoiding obstacles like boxes. The levels are timed. Players must reach the Chupa checkpoint to earn more time on the clock or risk losing. If the Golden Chupa is not reached before the clock runs down, the game ends.

Each new unlocked level gets harder to beat, due to twists and loops and higher stacks of boxes. The Chupa checkpoints are farther apart as the levels increase, so finishing can become a real challenge.

While this universal app may be an interactive advertisement by a candy company, it is also an entertaining and exciting game. The graphics are cute. The action is packed. The levels are challenging. There are no in-app purchases to trick you into spending money. Other than the fact that the rollercoaster rider is collecting Chupa Chups, the game does not seem like an advertisement at all. Pick up this sweet ride for free in the App Store today.