If you’re not one of these unlucky saps (thanks, Gruber!) and actually got what you wanted for Christmas, you’re probably pooling together the rest of your seasonal funds in an effort to dress up that new iPhone or iPad or iPod touch. And good protection doesn’t come cheap.

Until now.

Incase, makers of all accessories iThing, are promoting a site-wide sale, offering 40 percent off and free shipping on everything they make. To take advantage of the discount, apply the code “40000FANS” during the checkout process.

Need a well-made, stylish set of headphones? I’d pick up these comfy-looking cans in a heartbeat. Or, for the same $90, you could score this awesome neon duffel. And, of course, there are dozens of iPhone and iPad cases to choose from, too.

Quantities are limited, and the sale only lasts through January 3 at 5:00 PM ET. That’s tomorrow, so hurry up and place your orders ASAP!