A new jailbreak tweak called “LockLauncher” allows Apple fans to launch applications from their iPhone’s Lock screen.

As you can see in the above image, up to nine apps can be added to a handset’s Lock screen (using the blue arrow in the top-left corner). Touching one of these application icons from the Lock screen unlocks one’s iPhone, and launches the app. It’s a simple, handy tweak and something jailbreak fans will appreciate.

LockLauncher makes it much easier to launch users’ most-used applications. However, if you’re packing a passcode lock the jailbreak tweak will require its entry before launching an app (which, for privacy’s sake is a good thing).

The jailbreak package is available to download in the Cydia Store for free. Take a look at the recently released LockLauncher now, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

[via iDownloadBlog]