Messages+ is a jailbreak tweak that vastly improves the messaging experience on an iPhone handset.

Once downloaded, the tweak allows users to send messages from anywhere: simply swipe up the iPhone’s screen and a messaging interface will appear. It’s possible to add contacts from one’s Contacts app, compose messages using the virtual keyboard and send them, all from this interface – and when the message has been sent, the interface will disappear and you’ll be able to continue about your business.

If you receive an SMS message or iMessage, Messages+ allows users to open a messaging interface by touching the banner notification (you can also touch the notification in Notification Center). From within Messages+’s settings pane (in the Settings app), users can add an option that allows them to dismiss banner notifications, too, which is handy.

Messages+ is part of IntelliScreenX, which is available for $9.99. However, you can purchase and download a standalone Messages+ package for $7.99.

In the below video, Jeff from iDownloadBlog takes Messages+ for a spin. Take a look at the video, and be sure to post your thoughts in the comments.