Recludo is a new jailbreak tweak that is as simple as it is useful. Once installed, unlocking an iPhone or iPod touch when the music controls have been invoked will take users straight to the Music app, rather than to their Home screen.

Normally, even if you have double-pressed the Home button to access the Music app’s Lock screen controls, when you unlock your iPhone you’ll be taken straight back to the Home screen. This can be rather annoying, as in many cases, when playing music users unlock their iOS device to change tracks, artist or album, rather than anything else.

However, once Recludo has been downloaded and installed from Cydia, whenever an iPhone is unlocked with its Lock screen music controls on display, users are taken straight to the music app. Like I said, it’s simple – but some users will likely find it very useful, too.

Currently, Recludo is available in the Cydia Store for free. Let us know if you decide to try it out in the comments.

[via Jailbreak Nation]