Cat’s Revenge ($0.99) by King Bird is a physics-based game that has you knocking down and capturing mice for the pure enjoyment of a cat. Ricochet cheese covered rocks off rubbery hotdogs to imprison poor, unsuspecting rodents who drive the cat crazy.


Although this is a physics-based game, it is different than most of the genre. Instead of a side view of the obstacles to knock down, Cat’s Revenge uses a vertical view. Cheese covered rocks, metal nuts and bombs are flung from a springy mouse trap that is based at the bottom of the screen. Projectiles are aimed either directly at the mice, or at a nearby wall or hot dog and bounce off of it. Perfect bank shots will ricochet off of multiple spots and land, smack on the head of a mouse.

Once a mouse has been knocked over, he is not down for the count. Players must tap and drag the rodent to a nearby cage before the squeaky fiend manages to get away. There are a limited number of projectiles to knock down mice with, so make sure to capture them once they hit the floor.

There are 40 levels that cover two worlds. The worlds consist of the kitchen table and the refrigerator. Each level gets harder, combining obstacles to knock over and walls to bounce off of.

The 40 levels, although very challenging, can be completed in a single sitting. According to the game’s summary in the App Store, the developers are promising to add levels in future updates.

This physics-based game is entertaining and challenging. It takes a well-worn genre and gives it a kick. Fans of this type of game will get a refreshing change with Cat’s Revenge. It is priced perfectly at $0.99. Pick it up in the App Store today.