Unveiled today at Macworld 2012 is the new FlyGrip accessory, a mount-based accessibility solution for various mobiles and small tablets. While the project got off to less-than-stellar beginnings on startup-funder IndieGoGo.com, creator Michael Karmatz persevered and finally got his idea to production. I don’t really agree with his assertion that “it’s almost impossible to use a smartphone with just one hand” (Maybe he’s talking about those oversized Android monstrosities?), but — if that’s a legitimate problem for your on-the-go flow — check out FlyGrip’s video introduction:

Hrm. It’s cool that the thing turns into a portrait or landscape stand and all, but most folks aren’t into slathering adhesives all over their expensive electronics. (I’m not so sure choosing a theme song that chants “duh-dumb” over and over was too bright an idea, either.) FlyGrip would have been much more compelling had it been built into a proper case instead. Of course, you could always attach it to a case you already own, but that amalgam would likely test the limits of comfortably pocketable thickness.

Still, I can see the device making a real difference for folks with various motor problems and disabilities, and you can’t applaud anything more than that.

FlyGrip is available direct from the manufacturer for $29.95 and comes in three sizes and eight different colors.