Rokform® LLC, formed in 2011 by Two Brothers Racing® Inc., unveiled their latest additions to the Rokbed™ V3 case system at Macworld 2012. The basis of the system is the sleek Rokbed V3 case, built from tough, reinforced polycarbonate designed to withstand abuse. The case has an included lanyard, anti-slip grip, and unique integrated lock mechanism which allows it to be mounted to nearly any surface with the optional V3 accessories.

Rokbed V3

The Rokbed V3 Case

The accessory options are truly remarkable and well-engineered. Among the most unusual is the TPE Non-Slip Grip Magnet Insert which allows the secure attachment to any metal surface such as a refrigerator, motorcycle gas tank or metal pole.

Rokbed Car Mount

The Rokbed V3 Case Using The Mount System

If you are looking for a better system for using your GPS in the car look at the Remote Mounting System, a peel-and-stick mount that will allow mounting your iPhone nearly anywhere, in either portrait or landscape mode. Perfect for the car, desk or computer monitor. Your imagination is the limit.


Bike Mount

Rockform Bike Mount

Also on display was the adjustable bike mount which attaches to the handlebar stem in an ideal location to be both accessible and steady. The design really takes the serious rider into consideration, blending easy visibility and use without interfering with performance.

Bottle Opener Belt Clip

Belt Clip With Bottle Opener

What if you just want to have your iPhone on your belt? Rokform has you covered with their sturdy belt clip accessory. Using the integrated lock, your iPhone will be at your side and ready at a moments notice. As an added bonus a bottle opener was added to the clip, ensuring that you can open your favorite beverage with ease.

A tripod is also available and retails for $19, great for video or just as a stand.

The Rokbed V3 case retails for $39 and comes in 12 color choices. It is available now, as is the tripod. Scheduled to be available next month, the bike mount will retail for $40 and the belt clip will be available for $29.

We would love to put this system to the test. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.