Vito Technology is known for its stunning education apps, such as Star Walk, Solar Walk, and Geo Walk. Star Walk is an award-winning stargazing app, which allows users to view constellations, satellites, and other heavenly objects. There are versions for both the iPhone and iPad. Solar Walk is a universal app, which features a beautiful scaled three-dimensional model of our solar system. Where Star Walk lets you explore the stars, Solar Walk gives you a view of the planets.


At Macworld, Vito announced that both apps would soon be able to track rockets launched by the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, more commonly known as SpaceX. SpaceX is an American space transport company, which designed the Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 space boosters. It also developed the Dragon spacecraft, which helped SpaceX earn contracts with NASA.

Vito also has a partnership with the European Space Agency. The first fruit borne from that relationship was the Spectrum Bar feature introduced in an earlier version of Starwalk; users slide their finger up and down the spectrum bar to change the wavelength and color of the sky. Vito has indicated that the cooperation between the two organizations should yield further benefits in future versions of the apps.


Finally, Geo Walk is continuously being updated, with its latest version released just earlier this week. The update gave a new Earth texture for a more thorough zoom in. It also featured some new design and animation, as well as the ability to connect to Vito through Facebook and Twitter.

Here at AppAdvice, Vito Technology’s apps have generally been well received. Star Walk was listed as an “essential” app in our stargazing AppGuide. Both Star Walk and Solar Walk made our “iPad Apps For Reference” AppList. We’re excited to hear that Vito is making further improvements to their already solid apps. How about you? Are you a fan? What added functionality would you like to see in future updates? Please feel free to comment below.

(via Macworld)