Two years ago, the OmniGroup introduced their Omni Sync server. Slowly but surely, they rolled out the beta for this cloud service, and its users were thrilled. This cloud-based system is used for all of the OmniFocus products, to keep them in sync with each other — and completely free of charge to users.

The OmniGroup tweeted some numbers yesterday, to give us an example of how many active users the service has.

Because it’s doing so well, the OmniGroup has plans to use Omni Sync with their other products as well. For now, though, they are fine tuning the cloud service. Although they don’t seem to be certain whether or not they’ll stick to that or try to set their products up with iCloud eventually. I think iCloud would be the smart way to go, given most other applications are implementing it, but we’ll see what they have in store for us in the future.

The OmniGroup seems to have been trying to better setup their software for use alongside Apple products, especially. When OmniFocus decided to use Siri in its arsenal on the iPhone 4S, it was one of many steps in the right direction. Now, they just need to work on making OmniFocus for Mac a little more refined (and better designed).

If you want more information on Omni Sync, you can find it here.

(via MacStories)