Sheldon Quotes has been on my phone for the better part of a month now. I was debating writing an article about it because it’s based on a TV show. I wasn’t sure how many other people would be familiar with the show, but there seems to be enough of a fan base to merit a mention. Sheldon quotes comes from the hit series “The Big Bang Theory.” The show features four scientists who are socially awkward and a waitress who is as close to a real world connection as they get.

Sheldon is the most socially awkward of them all. His roommate is his best friend, and Sheldon still maintains that he can barely stand to be around him. He had to make a flow chart about how to make friends. Since he has no real ability to interact with people in a productive way, he becomes pretty hilarious. He is exacting, obsessive, demanding and belittling. This collection of quotes is a representation of the best of Sheldon. There are dozens of quotes, and the app is regularly updated as new episodes come out.

Why download the app if you have never seen the show? Well, the app is a pretty good teaser. Anyone interested in seeing a bunch of scientists getting their geek on would probably enjoy the show. While the guys might be socially awkward, the show actually does a pretty good job of showing off how awesome and smart they are. They have a solid sense of friendship, and they showcase a pretty good sense of humor. So, even if you haven’t seen the show yet, download the app and check out some of the great quotes to pique your interest.

Sheldon Quotes is an iPhone app available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!