Jailbreak fans can now use TinyUmbrella to save their iPhone 4S’s SHSH blobs for the second build of iOS 5.0.1. Support for this build of Apple’s mobile operating system comes in an update for TinyUmbrella, which was released a couple of days ago.

As noted on The Firmware Umbrella:

Although we cannot exploit/restore iPhone 4S SHSHs we still should save them just in case. I’ve just updated TU to support iPhone 4S 5.0.1b “9A406″.

Recently, it was announced that an untethered jailbreak solution for the iPhone 4S is expected to be available next week. Apple fans who are planning on jailbreaking their iPhone 4S are advised to download TinyUmbrella and save their SHSH blobs, because you never know when they might come in handy.

For more information on TinyUmbrella (including download links), head over to The Firmware Umbrella.