One of the most difficult tasks is, organizing tasks. Good productivity tools can be very hard to come by. As our workflow is a very important aspect of how we manage our life, we don’t want to come up short.

The wonderful people from 6 Wunderkinder have been creating for months, working on a suite of über productivity tools. Over the past week, beta invites have slowly been rolling out for this Web application, and although there are still some kinks to be worked out (it is beta after all), Wunderkit has proven to be pretty awesome.

If you’ve tried their amazing, and free, task manager that we reviewed, Wunderlist, the layout and design of Wunderkit will be pretty familiar to you. Unfortunately, Wunderlist is not yet integrated into Wunderkit, but they are working on that. Once they are merged, I assume most people will be all about the “kit,” leaving the “list” behind (depending on Wunderkit pricing, when it’s announced).

Wunderkit Dashboard

Wunderkit is one of the best productivity suites I’ve had the pleasure to try out. It isn’t limited to workflow, you can add some playflow in too. From work projects to vacation plans or grocery lists — Wunderkit is there to be your catch all.

You can manage projects individually, or collaborate with others to get things done. You can create workspaces, tasks, lists, and notes. Your workspaces can be private, or you can make them public, so that others can keep up with your progress and even comment on it. However, even if you do make it public, you can still choose to keep certain aspects (e.g., tasks, notes) private. In other words: Don’t worry. You will only be sharing what you want to share, and you don’t have to share anything.

The social aspect of this productivity suite is superb, and goes beyond collaborating with coworkers and friends; Wunderkit brings community to task and project management. It’s like merging Wunderlist to-do lists with open forum communication. Wunderkit is like the new social network for getting things done.

There are community workspaces that are open to the public. You can join these to stay updated and also contribute to them. For example, you can follow Wunderkit support to stay updated on known issues other users are reporting, and also to communicate with 6Wunderkinder about issues you yourself are having. The best part is that the users can communicate. Maybe you have a questions about how something works in Wunderkit: any user can respond, we can help each other out.

Creating workspaces with Wunderkit

I know you’re wondering: but what about the iOS apps? Those are in the works. Until I can have Wunderkit on all devices, I won’t be using it as my main productivity tool. But I will continue to play around with it and look forward to updates, especially the roll out of the iOS apps.

I’m not sure how much they’re going to charge for this productivity suite, but it still looks promising despite that. Go ahead and check out the beta walkthrough video below and let us know what you think.



If you can’t see the embedded video above, please click here.

I’m interested in what you guys think of Wunderkit. So, let’s get some invite love going in the comments, shall we? If you have some to share, or if you want one, just say so and hopefully we can all help each other out.