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Semantics: Apple Takes 17 Percent Of Global PC Market, Ranks Number One Worldwide

If the iPad's indeed a PC, Apple's the world's biggest PC seller by volume.

Kickstarter: This Rugged iPad Case Offers More Than Just Protection

Most ruggedized iPad cases do little more than protect your investment. This one actually seeks to enhance your productivity, too.

Jailbreak Only: Tribute Calendar - A Steve Jobs Tribute Hits The Cydia Store

Back at the beginning of the month, Apple rejected a Steve Jobs tribute calendar application, noting that apps made in honor of the late Apple co-founder and former CEO were not being accepted by the company. Now, the application's developer has chosen to make the app (which is called "Tribute Calendar") available via the Cydia Store, where it can be downloaded for free.

A Chance To Win Abby - Preschool Shape Puzzle For iPad

Here's your chance to win Abby - Preschool Shape Puzzle ($1.99) for iPad.

AremaC Offers A Variety Of Filters And Lets You Design Your Own

This photography app has something for photographers of all levels.

AppAdvice Daily: Macworld 2012 Best Mobile Apps Roundup

Macworld/iWorld is over, but check out some of the coolest mobile apps we saw there. Some are available now, and some are coming soon!

Photogene For iPhone, iPad Updated: New Sharing Options, New Edit Tools And More

Both Photogene applications - that is, Photogene┬▓ for iPhone and Photogene for iPad - have recently received updates, adding new sharing options, new edit tools and numerous bug fixes and improvements.

iOS Apps Gone Free: Tie Right HD, FunTom Of The Opera, IncrediBlox, And More

Today's AGF list includes an app to help you tie a necktie, a voice activated game, and a matching puzzle game.

Hatchi Updated: Adds Additional Pet Statistics, Game Center Integration And More

Hatchi - an iPhone app that allows users to care for a virtual Tamagotchi creature on their mobile device - has just received its first update. Now, fans of the $0.99 app can enjoy additional pet statistics, Game Center integration and numerous other new features and improvements.

New AppList: Apps For Super Bowl XLVI

Here are the apps you need for Super Bowl XLVI.

China Telecom To Carry CDMA iPhone 4S In February Or March

It has recently been announced that China Telecom will carry a CDMA version of the iPhone 4S from either the end of February, or the beginning of March.

Food Network's iOS App Updated: New UI, Improved Stability, User Ratings And More

Food Network In the Kitchen ($1.99) has recently received a major update, adding a brand-new user interface, improved stability, users reviews and more to the popular universal application.

Jailbreak Only: iWipe Cache - Fix Those White Or Missing Icons

If you've recently jailbroken your iOS device under iOS 5.0.1, there's a chance jailbreak icons have been turning white or even disappearing. This happened to me a couple of days back - the Cydia icon transformed into a ghostly white, and nothing I did could coax its color back. Fortunately, if this has happened to you - or if other icons have been behaving in an odd manner - there is a free solution available in the Cydia Store.

Verizon Looking To Launch Shared Data Plans In The Near Future?

Thought it's been hinted at for some time, it would appear that Verizon is finally planning on launching shared data plans in the near future.

Apple Targets Scalpers With New iPhone 4S Lottery System In China

Apple has launched a new iPhone 4S reservation system in its Chinese Apple Online Store, in an attempt to stop "scalpers" queuing for handsets and setting them on at an inflated price.

Free Yourself From The Tyranny Of Two-Dimensional Gaming With Paper Monsters

Paper Monsters is an adorable new game that revolutionizes the platform gaming genre. No longer are players relegated to two-dimensional side scrolling.

Save Humanity In Beat Enigma

Enigma is a super computer that controls all of the machines that control all of humanity, and it's your job to stop it.

"FatBooth" Updated With Pseudo-IAP, Now Features Aging Effects

FatBooth adds aging to the mix. Now you can be twice as undesirable!

Quirky App Of The Day: Greed Button

Hit the red button, and hope that something lucrative happens.

"VideoCam3D": Three dimensions From A 2D Camera?

It's not perfect, but VideoCam3D's as close to 3D as 2D can get.

Keep Your iPhone Lenses Safe And Ready To Use With Photojojo's New Lens Wallet

Check out this handy, and durable, iPhone lens case from Photojojo.

"God of Blades" Melds "Infinity Blade" Influence With Side-Scrolling Play

White Whale Games gives its "Infinity Blade"-esque hack and slash a proper side-scrolling retro feel.

Collage Pro Is Here For The iPad And We Have Some Copies To Give Away

Do you want to create photo collages on your iPad? Enter to win a copy of Collage Pro HD!

Sprint Releases Mobile Zone App In The App Store

Sprint has just released their own official mobile app in the App Store for customers to keep track of their account information. There's even features for non-Sprint customers.