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Destiny Defense : Angel or Devil ($2.99) by Morisoft is a castle defense game that takes you from the pits of hell to the glorious heavens. Fight against demons on their own turf, or defend the dark lord from those pesky angels.

Destiny Defense : Angel or Devil by Morisoft screenshot

Like other castle defense games, each soldier dispatched costs some resource that is replenished over time. In this case it is mana that is produced by a power crystal. This game incorporates a hero that can be moved around by a virtual joystick. The hero heals and shields his soldiers as they fight the good fight.

The gameplay is fairly easy at first, but becomes more challenging as the levels increase. Players earn gems that can be used to upgrade weapons, heroes and castles.

Additional gems can be bought through in-app purchases, but the gems flow freely on each level and purchases are not needed to play the game. Players who want to annihilate the enemy without much effort can build a fully powered army in no time with purchased gems.

There are 90 levels across three worlds, each with a different angel versus devil plot. Players can either defeat evil with an army of the heavenly host, or fend off the blessed multitude with a horde of demons.

It is important to note that I downloaded this game to my fourth generation iPod touch running iOS 5.0.1 and the app crashed every time I tried to use it. I had no problem on my iPhone 3GS, though. However, if you are using an iPod touch, download with caution.

Overall this game is entertaining and easy to pick up. It does not have anything special to make it better than other castle defense games, but it is a decent app for fans of the genre. The $2.99 price tag is remarkably high for a casual game. It might be a better idea to wait for this one to go on sale.