Get ready to burn granny, get stuck in someone’s nose, and tap that frog. We’ve got the hottest games of the week right here on part two of Gamer’s Corner.

Game 1: Zombie Granny

Zombie Granny hit the App Store yesterday and is a mix between Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, and just zombie killing fun. There are three worlds, 45 levels, bosses, and lots of devices to get you through each round. I’m excited to spend more time with this one.

Game 2: Nose Invaders

Don’t get caught picking your nose, unless it’s in Nose Invaders. It has a cute look, not to mention the fun gameplay. Wage war against the flu, by stopping the nasty little viruses, how do you do that? Collect them of course using tap and fling controls, no pun intended.

Game 3: Tap The Frog 2

Tap The Frog 2 just hit the App Store yesterday, and has people mashing their devices in an attempt to get a higher score. The title of the game is pretty descriptive, and it’s a great pick up and play game that requires no instructions. You tap the frogs as fast as you can. Sounds a little amateur I know, but that’s just the first level! The second level will have you using single and double tap controls to make it as far as you can before you time runs out. Warning this game is addictive, and will for sure make your hands sore.