Apple has launched a brand-new TV ad which highlights the power of having iCloud on all your iOS and OS X devices.

The ad, appropriately titled “iCloud Harmony,” recently appeared on Apple’s YouTube channel and should be hitting out TV screens soon. In the advertisement, Apple shows-off Photo Stream, iCloud sync for Calendars, Automatic Downloads for music, apps and e-books, and iCloud-powered sync for Contacts.

After presenting its viewer with a wealth of iCloud possibilities, the ad ends with the line:

Automatic. Everywhere. iCloud.

Sums things up quite well, don’t you think?

Musically, Apple’s new ad features a catchy new tune (as usual, I’m not sure who the artist is now but I sure will in a few weeks), and in terms of running time it’s just over half a minute long.

Below, we’ve embedded the YouTube video for you to take a look at.