Apple has recently updated its iBooks iOS app, fixing a bug that caused some e-textbooks to not open properly.

The new version of the app is described rather vaguely in iBooks’ release notes as:

iBooks 2.0.1 addresses an issue where iBooks textbooks may not open.

However, Apple further elaborated on the issue in a statement sent to USA Today. The statement read:

We’re aware of a small number of iBooks 2 users having issues with the playback of the introduction movies when opening iBooks textbooks. It will be fixed soon in an upcoming software update.

I haven’t encountered such an issue, but then again I haven’t consumed a large amount of e-textbooks via the “iBooks 2″ app. If you’ve found that introductory movies in e-textbooks haven’t been playing properly, the latest version of iBooks (2.0.1) should fix the issue.

You can download the universal iBooks application in the App Store free of charge.

[via MacRumors]