A brand-new, universal $0.99 app called “Aquarium HD TV” allows iOS device owners to stream a beautiful aquarium screensaver from their mobile device, to an Apple TV (via AirPlay).

The app, once launched, displays an underwater, aquarium-like screensaver that is populated with tropical fish and vegetation. You can choose whether you want Aquarium HD TV to repeat the screensaver-video, and it’s also possible to have the app display the screensaver in high definition.

However, the best feature of Aquarium HD TV is its support for AirPlay. Once enabled, users can stream the aquarium screensaver from their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to an Apple TV, and enjoy the relaxing underwater scene on their HDTV.

Aquarium HD TV

Please be aware that in order to display Aquarium HD TV on an HDTV, users must have an iOS device and an Apple TV. Though it is possible to use the application as a screensaver on an iOS device alone.

As mentioned, Aquarium HD TV is available to download in the App Store for $0.99. Let us know if you like the look of this application in the comments.