Just days after news hit that Apple would remove a Siri-like clone from the App Store, comes an about face. Instead of pulling the $0.99 Evi app, the company is said to be working with its creator, True Knowledge, to keep the app in place with some changes being made, according to The Verge.

First released in January, Evi offers Siri-like functionality for those users that don’t have an iPhone 4S. According to the app’s developer, True Knowledge, Apple’s Richard Chipman on Friday contacted the company and stated that Apple was “going to pull Evi from the App Store.” Despite this, the app has remained for sale and now we may know why.

According to the report, Apple is working with the developers on “bumping out” the similarities between Siri and Evi.

As such:

It’s apparently standard practice these days for Apple to flag something that could be confusing to end users and then try to work with developers to alter the appearance and / or functionality of the app, and we’re told that’s what is taking place with True Knowledge right now.

Hopefully, Apple is indeed working with True Knowledge, to allow Evi to remain in the App Store. We say this, not so much because of Evi, but rather it shows the days when Apple automatically deleted problematic apps could be a thing of the past. That, in our opinion, is good for developers, users and for Apple, in general.

Neither Apple nor True Knowledge have commented on The Verge’s original report.