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Frat House: The Perfect Score HD (Free) by Big Fish Games, Inc is an iPad-only time management game with a “frat boy” theme. Impress the ladies and earn your right to party with the Alpha Sigma Sigma house. Just don’t let your brothers steal your chick.

Frat House: The Perfect Score HD by Big Fish Games, Inc screenshot

The point of the game is to clean up the fraternity house before heading out on a date with a coed. The faster the house gets cleaned, the better chance the player has of scoring on the upcoming date. Cleanliness will also improve the player’s ranking among his new frat brothers. The more they like you, the longer it takes them to make a mess.

The difficulty level increases by the type of chore, the size of the house and the number of brothers making a mess. For example, the first level only requires a player to perform one-step cleanups. Later, players must perform tasks, such as first picking up garbage and then placing it in the waste bin. Eventually, players will be required to pick up dirty laundry, wash it, dry it and put it away. This is in addition to all other chores around the house. In the meantime, frat brothers are throwing garbage on the floor and messing up the kitchen right after it has been cleaned.

Once a player is able to get the house entirely cleaned, the date begins. Each level offers a new girl to date whose difficulty to “score with” lessens as levels are complete. The faster the house gets cleaned, the more likely it is that the player will make it to first, second or third base. If the player does well cleaning the house, the third date will be a home run.

While the gameplay itself is just fine as time management games go, one glaringly obvious problem with Frat House is the content. Admittedly, it was slightly humorous to be a heterosexual female working hard to clean a frat house in order to be able to score with some random woman. However, the humor doesn’t mask the unbelievably offensive attitude toward women, as well as a narrow minded stereotype of fraternity brothers.

It is hard to understand why Big Fish Games decided on such a theme. The developers had to know that this would upset people. Describing it as “[A] hilarious look at classic fraternity antics and stereotypes,” does not give the game makers a pass to throw around derogatory comments and ignorant assumptions about college students.

This iPad-only game is fun enough to warrant a few stars. The time management element is fast-paced and challenging. At times, it seems like the house will never get clean. The graphics are also high quality and well designed. That being said, the content of this game comes with a warning that it is rife with offensive material. It is available as a free download with the ability to unlock the full version for $2.99.