While Foxconn in Brazil has been busy producing iPad 2s along with iPhones since the fall, consumers in the country can finally purchase a domestically-made iPhone 4 through Apple’s online store.

According to MacRumors, Apple hopes that selling Brazilian-made iDevices in the country will help bring prices down and lead to a bigger share of the market in the world’s fifth largest country.

Apple started selling the iPhone 4S and 8GB iPhone 4 in Brazil late last year. But since the units were made in China, and thanks to steep import taxes, the 4S cost almost $1,500, while the iPhone 4 clocked in at $1,050. The unlocked iPhone 4 is $549 in the United States.

But the prices have yet to come down. MacRumors notes that it is unclear whether Foxconn and Apple have received all of the certifications yet to be exempt from the country’s costly import taxes.

Apparently, the iPhone 4S and 3GS are not being made in the country, which could later cause large price differences.

The situation rivals that in China, where the average worker makes $2,400 per year, while the average iPhone 4S sells for $800. But the iPhone is in such demand, that we recently reported that non-iPhone owners can now pay $1 per month to have their mobile messages sent with a fake “sent from my iPhone” tagline.

(Image via Gizmodo)