The universal Evernote app recently received an update, adding a new feature – “predictive note titles” – and making a variety of performance improvements. The new version of the app (4.1.8) is available to download now in the App Store.

As outlined in the app’s release notes, changes made in the update include:

  • NEW: Predictive note titles – untitled notes are assigned a title based on location, time and other contextual info
  • Note editing performance improvements
  • Easier access to notebook sharing options
  • Improved ability to apply styles, edit, copy, and paste within notes
  • Fixed numerous synchronization issues
  • Improved login and registration experience
  • Fixed cropping problems
  • Improved stability

The new predictive note titles feature is handy, as users who wish to quickly add an item in Evernote can choose to let the application create a title, rather than typing one in themselves. Furthermore, the general improvements made in this update mean fans of the app will find Evernote much stabler, and using the application should be a more enjoyable experience.

You can download Evernote in the App Store free of charge. For more information on the update, check out the Evernote blog.