The developers behind Brain Racer have launched a new classroom service designed to engage students by using the technology they are most comfortable with, texting. Instead of telling students to turn off their iDevices when class begins, ClassPager uses text enabled devices to effectively increase class participation.

Sign Up for ClassPager

To sign up the student texts the class title to the number provided.

More advanced than group texts, ClassPager protects the privacy of students and teacher by working without divulging cell phone numbers or email addresses. Additionally, responses are only seen by the instructor, allowing students who are shy or embarrassed a safe venue to ask questions.

Confirmation Message

Once the student gives their name a confirmation will appear.

ClassPager is very versatile. It can be used to immediately assess student understanding of a topic by quick feedback poll or pop quiz. It can also be used to let all the students know of a schedule, venue or homework change with a quick post.

Graph on ClassPager web site.

Student texts in response to polls are instantly shown on the instructor account page.

ClassPager is available with three different plans. The Micro account is free and is limited to 25 students and one classroom. This is a great option for tutors or teachers who want to test the service before committing to a plan.

The Plus account allows up to 75 students and unlimited classrooms for $10 a month. This service is good for most instructor needs and also would be beneficial to coaches and club leaders. For those with very large classrooms ClassPager offers a Premium account that allows up to 200 students and unlimited classrooms for $20 per month.

We know that many schools are now issuing iDevices and have reported that students with iPads appear to do better in school. Texting has always been considered taboo in class, but we really love the idea of interacting with instructors via text. Would you find it a distraction or beneficial?

For more information or to sign up for a free account check out the ClassPager web site.