THQ and WWE have been a successful tag-team for some time now. To date, however, they have resisted throwing their collective hats into the ring of iOS gaming. This looks set to change, however, with the rerelease of the classic arcade title, WWF WrestleFest.

The game has been renamed WWE WrestleFest due to the wrestling company’s rebranding some years ago. The rest of the game, however, should be very familiar to those of you that were alive and gaming way back in 1991.

While the game retains a retro look and feel, THQ has put in a lot of  work to refresh the graphics from the, now very dated, original. The game seems to be more of a re-imagining than a straight remake, which is great news.

The game looks set to feature some classic wrestling superstars such as The Undertaker and Macho Man Randy Savage. There’s some good news for new fans of the franchise with the addition of recent stars John Cena, The Rock, and Randy Orton, to name a few.

WWE wrestlers squaring off in the ring

As with the original title, WrestleFest will feature up to six wrestlers in the ring at the same time with match types including: Battle Royale, tag-team, and standard one on one.

The game will feature online multiplayer and the promise of a new in-app purchase (IAP) “every 30 days.” It’ll be interesting to see what form these IAPs take.

WrestleFest is due to launch for the iPhone and iPad on Feb. 21, so you better start getting into shape! Keep an eye out on AppAdvice for a review coming soon.