Zombie Granny: Origins HD by FreshGem Limited icon

Zombie Granny: Origins HD (Free) by FreshGem Limited is a physics-based game of wits between you and mindless ragdoll zombies. Are you smarter than the undead? Play the first 15 levels for free on the iPad and unlock the rest for $2.99.

Zombie Granny: Origins HD by FreshGem Limited screenshot

The goal of each level is to burn the adorable, brain eating abominations to a crisp using either destructive fireballs or crushing crates. Each level requires preplanned actions that must be timed perfectly to annihilate the undead.

Using tactics similar to Cut the Rope, players must swipe across the screen to release fireballs that swing from above. When released, the glowing orbs will create a chain reaction that will either destroy the zombie, or miss it entirely. The key is in the timing of the drop.

The stylized graphics are what give this otherwise ordinary game a boost. The cartoon zombies are charming and endearing and when they go up in flames, you can’t help but giggle. The bulky zombie even leaves behind a ham hock.

The gameplay is decent. There are times when it seems like it is impossible to destroy all of the zombies, but with enough retries, players will figure out the key. There is also a “plan B” bomb that destroys the entire level, but doesn’t give any points. This bonus bomb is nice for players that get frustrated and want to give up.

Points are scored relatively easily. In fact, getting top scores on any given level is a bit too easy. It might increase the replay value of this game if it were harder to earn three stars.

This free version of Zombie Granny HD for the iPad only includes the first 15 levels, which players will burn through (pardon the pun) fairly quickly. If the next 30 levels are as easy to play as those in the free version, the $2.99 price tag is a bit high. Pick up the freebie in the App Store today to see if you like it.