One iOS limitation that has always bothered me is how you can only sync to one iTunes Library. Imagine taking your laptop on a trip: you have several songs on it that you would like to transfer to your iPhone – but wait, you last synced this phone with your desktop computer! Wipe your phone or live without the songs, it can be a tough decision. Well, MultiTunes is here to help.

The tweak (that should have come out ages ago), does exactly as advertised, sync your iDevice with multiple iTunes Libraries. MultiTunes is very easy to use, all you have to do is tap the plus sign in the app, enter the name of a new library, connect your device to the computer and sync. As the name suggests, MultiTunes can only sync music from different libraries so you are advised to stick to your default account when you sync apps or new purchases.

MultiTunes is available in the BigBoss Repo for free. Does this app give you another reason to jailbreak?

Source: iDownloadBlog