Adonit Corp, creators of the Jot and Jot Pro styluses, have just released their first app, JotStudio. This app will be available to download free for one week before its price goes up to $1.99. JotStudio was built specifically for use with Adonit’s Jot series of styluses.

As stated by Adonit, here are some of the things you can use JotStudio for:

+ Take legible notes in class or in a status meeting.
+ Collect inspirational photos and sketch designs around them
+ Document a great meal with photos, ingredients, and insightful comments
+ Diagram blood circulation on an image of a heart or the flow of traffic through an urban landscape
+ Storyboard the next ground-breaking UI experience or award-winning Sundance film

The app itself is pretty basic, offering only four brush options (pen, pencil, art chisel, and marker), three paper styles, and the option to upload a picture from your camera roll. Currently, there are no sharing options other than printing via AirPrint or saving to your camera roll. You can create as many different pages as you’d like, with all of them being saved into the same spot, “My Collections.”

I used my own stylus with JotStudio with mixed results. I’m not sure if it would have been different with Adonit’s Jot stylus, but a the app definitely missed a few brush strokes and has no wrist support whatsoever. Aside from that, within 15 minutes of use, the app crashed on me about eight times, which seems consistent with some of its current reviews in the App Store.

The app crashed right after I took this.

While I personally don’t recommend this app, I feel like it has a good foundation to be improved upon with future updates. I would at least download it while it’s free.

JotStudio is available for free (for now) in the App Store. Be sure to let us know in the comments how it works for you, if it even does.