Journey of Hope by Big Fish Games, Inc iconJourney of Hope (Free) by Big Fish Games, Inc puts you on the search for clues to investigate what happened to Jade Pearce’s father, a world renowned archeologist.

This is your standard hidden object game, with a plot line that takes the game from level to level. You’ll have to keep your eyes wide open because the items could be hidden anywhere in the scene. Even right in front of you.

Pinch and zoom to get a close up view of everything.


Journey of Hope by Big Fish Games, Inc screenshotOnce you select a hidden item, it will pop up. Tap it again and it will get crossed off your list of things to find. My strategy was essentially to carpet bomb the screen with taps until something took, but you might want to use a little more finesse.

A hint button will highlight the exact location of an item if you’re stuck. It will then take a while to recharge until it can be used again. However, with no time constraint, you could essentially just keep using it to find all of the items.

Puzzle interludes occur between each scene, though they aren’t challenging at all. For example, in one room you pick up a key and add it to your inventory. In the interlude you have to pull the key from your inventory and use it on the only door in sight.

Once you complete that, it’s back to more finding. The scenes at least offer some eye candy. Each one is crammed full of objects, some of which you could swear you would need to find, but they never show up on the list.

The different locations also help ease the repetitive gameplay.

This game is just another free offering from Big Fish Games, hoping to reel you in to buy the paid version for $0.99. If you’re into hidden object games, you could give this one a shot, though if you’re looking for a great experience, that may be your own journey of hope.