I know I can’t enough of role-playing games (RPGs) on iOS. The problem is, sometimes they’re not done … well. Games like Battleheart were awesome to play, but lacked that something special.

Crescent Moon, creators of games like Siegecraft and Pocket RPG, are set to release the new Raid Leader game on iOS, and we have a trailer from Touch Arcade to whet your raiding appetite.


Click here to view the video.

It looks like it would be similar to raiding in World of Warcraft on your iDevice, but without having to wait for everyone else to go to the bathroom and appease their girlfriends before they’re ready to raid — two hours after raid time. You’ll be your own raid.

Raid Leader is set to be released sometime next week. Look for our full review then!

But, in the meantime: What do you think? Will you be leading the raid on your iDevice upon its release?