Have you been saving up for the new, Retina display iPad 3? You might want to put away just a little more money.

According to an unverified price comparison sheet from China, found by MacRumors, the basic, 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 3 will start at $579. This is an $80 increase from the iPad and iPad 2. The 32GB Wi-Fi model is listed at $679 with the 64GB Wi-Fi edition clocking in at $779.

Prices for 3G models also are shown, with a $70 hike for each edition. The 16GB Wi-Fi and 3G would start at $699 while the 64GB 3G-enabled edition would be a whopping $899.

Speculation for the increased prices is focused around the Retina display, which at a 2048×1536 is twice the screen resolution found on the iPad 2.

Along with increased screen resolution, the iPad 3, which is to be announced around March 7, will apparently be sporting LTE options, increased resolution cameras, and a bit thicker and tapered shell.

News over the weekend also said that shipments of the iPad 3 have already been leaving China for the United States. Another major announcement, possibly a new Apple TV, may also be planned for when the iPad 3 is unveiled.

A price increase would be something rare for iOS devices. Apple has prided itself on keeping prices the same or lower for each new model of device. Would you be willing to shell out even more for an iPad 3?