As quickly as they climbed the paid charts this weekend, a pair of fake Pokemon apps have thankfully been pulled from the App Store.

On Sunday, we told you about the apps, Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon – Pocket Edition. Both apps were fake, but still climbed up the App Store charts as unsuspecting buyers were tempted by the thought of an actual Nintendo game on the iOS platform.

Pokemon Yellow didn’t even work, crashing after the title screen. And Pokemon – Pocket Edition just showed a gallery of photos from the actual game while playing some music.

Nintendo or Apple, or maybe both, apparently figured out that neither developer had the rights to use anything Pokemon related and have now mercifully pulled the apps from the store. Ars Technica attempted to contact both companies for comment, but has heard nothing.

For those who actually purchased the apps, there is a way to request a refund from Apple using iTunes. In the purchase history portion of the account information section, choose the “Report a Problem” button. Do let us know if you purchased the apps and receive a refund.

Just like we said on Sunday, read the app descriptions and reviews before purchasing anything on the App Store. Both can easily tip even the most unsuspecting buyer to scams like these.

And while I’m hopeful that Nintendo will actually change its mind and start making iOS games, it’s not likely to happen anytime soon. Even though, thanks to situations like this, it’s obvious that the “Big N” could rake in the cash to help its floundering bank account.

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