Temple Run, the awesome, casual running game has been downloaded 36 million times … If your jaw has not dropped yet, I’d like to emphasize: 36 million! That’s more than the population of some countries.

In case you have been on another planet: Temple Run is a casual arcade game, where your reflexes are put to the test as you swipe a runner in different directions on a path. You have to collect as many coins as possible to rack up a respectable high score.

The game initially launched as a $0.99 app and received a very positive response, it even made it to our GameFresh Daily. After Temple Run’s short term success as a paid app, Imangi, the developers of this insanely¬†addictive game, made it free. Ever since then, Temple Run has not dropped from the Top 5 free games in the App Store.

The AppAdvice team also can’t get enough of Temple Run. It made our best iPhone and iPad apps of 2011 as well, so if you haven’t downloaded the game, do it right now. I challenge you to beat my score on Game Center (my username is: asr).

Game on!

Source: @nattylux