Great news, my beloved AppAdvice readers: The AppAdvice app update has finally gone live!

You may have heard about our issues getting the update processed for our AppAdvice app, but it’s here and ready for you to get your app-addict hands on it.

Yep. That’s right. We have been validated by the powers that be (read: Apple and Arnold) and have pushed our beautiful — and functional! — new update out for the AppAdvice app.

Bugs? We’ve terminated them (no Arnold Schwarzenegger reference here, move along!):

  • Fixed crashing bug on start-up for some users
  • Fixed search bug – Apps now clickable
  • Expanding YouTube videos in iPad app now works
  • Re-enabled push notifications – look in Settings app
  • Fixed commenting issues
  • Facebook sharing is back


New features? We’ve got those too:

  • iPad app now shows when articles are read
  • Read articles sync across iPhone & iPad app
  • Share article links via iMessage
  • Added quiet hours for push notifications
  • Images in iPad now enlarge on click


We’re working hard to keep the updates coming as we need to. We love our readers, and want you guys to enjoy the app to its full extent. So, if you’re still having any problems after this update, let us know by shooting us an email: [email protected].

Click that beautiful update button!

This update makes us extremely happy, as we were able to address the issues everyone was having. So, what do you think? Do you miss having Arnold around?

The AppAdvice app is available in the App Store for $1.99. But I know all of you have it already, so go grab the free update! Just don’t trip over any kindergartners on your way to the App Store …