Not long ago we featured an RSS client for iPhone whose major selling point is its ability to read aloud feed subscription items, including entire blog posts and news stories. Now, here comes another app with a similar read-aloud feature, but this time it’s not for reading articles. Instead, this new iPhone app reads tweets, while playing music.

The Social Radio for Twitter lets you listen to your Twitter timeline while songs from your iPhone’s music library are played in the background. You can also listen to tweets in lists, trending topics and search results. It’s certainly a more entertaining way of consuming tweets, especially if you don’t mind occasionally tuning out errors in tweet delivery. Now, you can go through your Twitter account handsfree, while, say, driving or doing the dishes. Moreover, the app continues to work even when exited, so you can listen to tweets and songs alike while doing something else on your device.

The app delivers tweets by having them read alternately by a male and female voice. It performs automatic language detection and supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German, among others. It’s also able to read common emoticons and popular text message shorthand.

As a special introductory offer, The Social Radio for Twitter is free for a limited time. Download it now in the App Store and let us know if your song collection combined with your Twitter timeline is still music to your ears.