Aaaah Zombies!!! No, the apocalypse is not here … yet. That’s just the name of this new, 2-D zombie-killing shooter for iOS.

Use the many weapons at your disposal to rid the world of the undead monsters: flame throwers, sniper rifles, and 24 other brain-splattering tools to help you along the way. This game has multiple player classes, as well as different difficulty levels so there will be something for every player, whether you’re a head-shotting hero or zombie novice.

The controls are a bit frustrating — as a lot of shooter games for iOS are — so I hope they’ll fine-tune them in an update to make gameplay more smooth and enjoyable. But, if you’re a zombie killing machine, and enjoy side-scrolling shooters, this game will be right up your alley.

To me, this game is Zombieville USA meets Doom. And I am definitely okay with that, as I’m sure most other zombie enthusiasts, and shooter game lovers will be as well.

Aaaah Zombies!!! is available in the App Store for $0.99. And with that many exclamation points, how can you say no?