The week has started off with a bang, especially for one iDevice user who downloaded the 25 billionth app, and won the Apple contest, which awarded him with a $10,000 iTunes gift card. Chunli Fu of China is now having his name echoed all over the app world, since he downloaded the 25 billionth app, Where’s My Water? Free on the App Store, and is now the proud owner of possibly the most expensive gift card known to man. Talk about a lucky download, now let’s see how he likes the game.

With the Apple event only days away iPad 3 rumors are all around us! But, today it looks like we are finally getting some case rumors. Could Apple be readying a new Smart Cover with back protection? That’s what rumors are pointing to. Let’s just make sure it comes in pink!

To take away the burn of the beginning of the week we have some apps-gone-free courtesy of AppsGoneFree!


LetsTans Deluxe

Cross Fingers

Super Cuts

And let’s not forget about our sponsor this week: Destiny Defense: Angel or Devil. If you want to win a free download of the $2.99 tower defense, role playing game then now is your chance. Leave a comment here or on Tyler’s post. Or tweet at us! Tweet @robinrhys or @appadvice for your chance to win!