Angry Birds Space has been announced, and the announcement was out of this world, literally, and we’re not talking Evie style. An astronaut in space orbiting above the Earth demonstrated the gameplay using an orbital slingshot at zero gravity. Here’s the idea, gravity will attract an object if it’s moving in a straight line, and therefore bend the line. In angry birds space this is the exact kind of physics you will have to take into account when playing. This will definitely put a spin on the old gameplay. We got to see a little bit of the gameplay, but we’ll have to wait to actually play the new title until March 22. You can watch entire announcement today on

Once you guys come back down to Earth after hearing about Angry Birds Space, you should download another much-talked about app that hit the App Store today called Kids vs Goblins. It’s a universal $2.99 download, and the story behind the app is so good, you’ll feel like you’re being swept up into a fairytale. It’s a little bit like Lost Boys, meets Power Rangers, meets Harry Potter. It has gorgeous graphics, magical music, and an enticing storyline that will wrap in kids of all ages.

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