On today’s show we have a lot to talk about! First, AppStart for iPad gets a sleek new update that adds Retina graphics, plus we’ve decided to drop the price to free for a limited time – because we love you guys!

Is your new iPad hot? And no, we don’t mean hot, as in sexy, hot as in hot to touch! Well you might not be the only one, see what users are saying, and what Apple says in response.

If you have the new iPad, you can’t just have a boring non-retina wallpaper! Sure, Apple has a few options, but they are nothing new. We’ve rounded up some gorgeous, unique, and most importantly Retina wallpapers for your new device. Check them out here!

Do you like Tower Defense games? Then you’ll love Elf Defense! Our sponsor this week is so fantastic that I can’t put the game down. Elf Defense ENG is a Tower Defense game that takes you into the world of the elves in a mission to protect your base! Are you up for the challenge? Just be prepared to get addicted! Also, we’re teaming with Jellyoasis to bring you guys the chance to win one of 10 iTunes gift cards, all worth $10. All you have to do is leave a comment here, or on Tyler’s post. Or Tweet at us! @AppAdvice, or @robinrhys

Also, a lot of users have been asking for a video review of the new iPad. Well we wanted to let someone get in the limelight for a bit, so please check out Sue’s amazing video review of the new iPad here!