British retailer Virgin is closing shop on its (pictured) megastore located on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, according to Business Insider. Thanks to consistently declining sales (what a shock), the company decided the lease was too expensive to maintain.

Rumored replacements in the massive 75,000-square-foot store include Forever 21, Marks & Spencer and oh yeah, Apple.

Currently, Apple’s largest retail stores are the Regent Street and Covent Garden locations in London that are around 25,000 square feet each. So, if Apple took over the entire vacated property, it would be around three times larger than either store.

Hardmac also reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook was in Paris yesterday for unknown business reasons. The timing might be coincidental, but it’s still interesting that Cook was in Paris. And he was probably doing more than walking around the Louvre.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to see Apple in the space on the famous Paris avenue. Late last year, Apple opened a 23,000-square-foot store at historic Grand Central Station in New York.

And if Apple does open a store in the former Virgin location, it would be more than ironic that Apple is continuing to kill every part of the music business as we formerly knew it.

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