Were you hoping to get a new iPad delivered on launch day next Friday? Hopefully, you’ve already pre-ordered.

Apple’s online store now shows a complete sell out of all 18 models for delivery next Friday in the United States. The earliest a buyer from the store can now expect to receive an iPad is around two weeks from today, as the shipping date is listed as Monday, March 19.

This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, as shipping dates for some iPad models in the United States already began slipping as early as yesterday, just 24 hours after the new iPad’s announcement.

And it should be interesting to see if Apple is able to keep up with demand as Apple is on an aggressive roll-out schedule, introducing the iPad to 25 additional countries on March 23.

The new, third-generation Apple TV, also announced at the event, is also apparently facing the same shortages. Apple’s site is now saying the box will ship to customers in one to two weeks.

Even though there will be “limited” iPad quantities available at Apple Stores and Best Buy next Friday, I for one and am glad to be skipping the lines after wading through Apple’s slow website and pre-ordering on Wednesday.

Were you on the fence about pre-ordering for launch day? Where are you planning on getting a new iPad?