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Apple Takes Aggressive Stance In Battle With Domain Squatters

Apparently, Apple isn't pulling punches anymore dealing with sleazy domain squatters. After just paying the money to acquire domains like,,,, and, Apple has filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization to take control of But ironically, there are some high-profile domains that Apple hasn't worried about. Barnes & Noble surprisingly owns, while and are still being used by squatters. And even though Apple owns the iPad trademark, the company has apparently never attempted to take, which just shows a "Coming Soon" page and image. On the App Store, Apple has had better luck dealing with app name squatters. In 2010, Apple changed its policy that effectively stopped squatters in their tracks by requiring a binary to be uploaded in 120 days after claiming the name. I'm glad to see Apple is aggressively going after these squatters, especially since the sites often contain malware and other goodies for unsuspecting users. (Image via