Along with the release of iPhoto for the iPad, Apple announced that GarageBand will be getting some interesting new features including Smart Strings, Note Editor and the ability to push songs through the cloud.

GarageBand already comes with Smart Drums, Smart Bass, Smart Keyboard and Smart Guitar. Without having a hands-on update, my assumption is that Smart Strings will be the violin, viola, harp and other string instruments. Hopefully, Smart Strings will include my favorite instrument in the world, the Erhu.

Note Editor will likely be an editor for music notation. If this is correct, composers will now be able to keep sheet music in the same place as the songs they are recording. This is a much-needed feature for musicians that want to record themselves and want to read a song’s notation while playing their instrument.

Pushing songs to iCloud will be the most convenient way of storing and sharing songs. Currently, the app can only share songs via iTunes file sharing or email. Cloud-based storage of GarageBand recordings will make it much easier to move your creation between you iPad, iPhone/iPod touch and Mac.

GarageBand is available in the App Store for $4.99. The update, scheduled for released sometime today, is free for those who already own the app.