In line with today’s international release of the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ sci-fi dystopian novel, “The Hunger Games,” Draw Something by OMGPOP has added new words related to the film for players to draw and guess.

Today, when you open the app to play either with your favorite Draw Something buddy or a random boy in India, you might be greeted by new words that you might already be familiar with if, like me and several other AppAdvice staffers, you’ve read the best-selling novel or watched the new film. A total of seven words taken from the “Hunger Games” franchise have been added to Draw Something. Five of these are character names: Peeta, Haymitch, Effie, Gale and Primrose. The remaining two are “tribute” and “reaping.” Oddly, the name of the central character, Katniss, and the name of a pivotal object, “mockingjay,” are apparently not included. For “Hunger Games” newbies, these new words will pose more challenges in portraying them on an iOS device’s screen. But for “Hunger Games” fans, a practical knowledge of what a tribute or a reaping is and of how characters act and look will go a long way in Draw Something.

Recently purchased by Zynga, Draw Something is now more like Draw Something With Friends.

These new words are apparently part of the update that was released for Draw Something a few days ago. That update also added support for the new iPad and improved the game’s stability. Draw Something, which was just purchased by Zynga, is available as a universal iOS game for $0.99 in the App Store. A free version is also available. Now, I wish you good luck in drawing Effie and her outlandish hair, makeup and outfit. May the odds be ever in your favor!