Cleveland will be one of a new batch of cities to be rocking with AT&T LTE coverage soon.

Fresh on the heels of the new iPad launch on Friday, AT&T has announced that it is expanding its LTE network to more cities across the United States.

Beyond Cleveland, one of the larger markets is New Orleans. Other cities include Bloomington and Muncie, Ind.; Baton Rouge, La.; St. Louis, Mo.; Naples, Fla.; Bryan-College Station, Texas and Staten Island in New York City.

AT&T wasn’t specific about what market will be turned on when, only saying the rollouts will occur in April, May and early summer.

The company says its LTE network now covers 250 million people. More people should be interested in the fast data speeds since LTE coverage is one of the major selling points of Apple’s new iPad.

AT&T also offers the least expensive month-to-month data plan for the new iPad at $14.99 for 250 MB of data. But the company will not be offering the personal hotspot option on its iPad data plans for the time being, in sharp contrast to Verizon, which will be.

If you have already pre-ordered your iPad, which flavor did you chose – AT&T or Verizon? While I ordered a Verzion model because of the tethering option and better coverage in my area, it’s good to see AT&T is expanding its LTE footprint quickly. Especially as the next iPhone is expected to be LTE enabled just like the iPad.