Ever since iOS got updated to 5.1, people have been complaining about the iPhone’s new Lock screen. And, frankly, I’m one of them. The new camera “shortcut” (pictured above) is clumsy and out of place, and it defies the general flow of Apple’s established aesthetic. Many users were completely confused early on, and — while we all now know you’ve got to swipe up on the icon to launch the digital shooter (tapping won’t work!) — the whole presentation continues to strike me as hastily thrown together. To put it simply, it’s just an ugly design.

Designer Bryce Kobayashi feels the same way. Only, instead of complaining and calling it a day, he actually set about to find a solution.

And he did. Check it out:

Tap to view Bryce's complete presentation.

Much better.

I’d like to maybe see it with the round toggles squared-off (a la Apple’s current slider), but, other than that, this is a pretty perfect solution. Most third-party concepts we come across have at least one obvious flaw or caveat, but this one doesn’t. It looks good, it uses familiar gestures, and it doesn’t disrupt Apple’s established design sensibilities. It’s simple, logical, and beautiful.

Apple, are you taking notes?