Just in time for the official release (and to most, delivery) of the new iPad, the ever popular note-taking app Evernote has once again been updated. This time it’s for the main purpose of adding support for the new iOS device’s undeniably noteworthy Retina display. As seen in the side-by-side screenshots above, the text and images in the new version of the app, right, are noticeably sharper, with the old version seemingly lacking in pixelation and paling in comparison. This should delight Evernote fans who look forward to using the app on their new, high-resolution iPads.

In addition to riding on the new iPad’s Retina display bandwagon, the new Evernote improves on its text editing and checkbox support for iPad. Text selection is now possible with a simple tap, and the text editor itself is made more stable and responsive. Checkboxes are also enhanced to allow for indentation and automatic next-line checkbox insertion. This last refinement effectively gets rid of the older versions’ awkward list-making using checkboxes, in which you had to individually add a checkbox for each new item. Furthermore, Evernote version 4.1.9 adds autosuggestions for predictive note titling, a feature which it introduced for both iPhone and iPad just last month. Of course, it wouldn’t be an update if it didn’t include some bug fixes and behind-the-scenes optimization measures.

Update or download Evernote now in the App Store for free for your iPhone or iPad, Retina display-ready or otherwise.