With the core features of its original MyTunes music player app for iPad and iPhone to work with, SRS Labs has developed MyTunes Pro HD for iPad and MyTunes Pro for iPhone. These new music apps aim to tap the full potential of the songs in your Music library, which is, more often than not, home to routinely compressed tracks of middling quality.

“We designed MyTunes Pro HD to not only restore fidelity and quality to music so that it sounds closer to the original studio recording, but to also put the user in complete control of how their music sounds,” said Allen H. Gharapetian, Senior Vice President of Marketing for SRS Labs. “We are confident that MyTunes Pro HD and MyTunes Pro will ignite the senses like never before and cause users to fall in love with their digital music library all over again.”

MyTunes Pro asks you to hear the difference.

A sampling of MyTunes Pro’s advanced features appears to validate SRS Labs’ confidence. The app, whether it’s the HD variant or the other, offers SRS WOW HD processing, which effectively renders a song to sound as though you’re in the same room as the artist when listening to it. The app also ships with a ten-band equalizer and DJ-style transitions. There’s also a mood setting duo composed of Party mode and Workout mode, which automatically adjust your music to suit your desired activity. Apple’s Airplay and iTunes Match are also supported by the app.

Both MyTunes Pro HD for iPad and MyTunes Pro for iPhone are available for download in the App Store for free. Out of the box, both apps let you use the fully functioning music player anytime, but you can use the advanced features only for a limited time every day. If you do decide to take advantage of everything MyTunes Pro has to offer, a one-time in-app purchase of $6.99 for the iPhone version or $9.99 for the iPad version is required. Are you ready to go Pro?